Spring is here

Spring is my favourite time of the year.

Mind you I reckon a lot of people feel like that. While Christmas is a great time for family and nostalgia it also brings some sadness. The Summer, particularly around Belmullet, is fantastic with visitors home and long days and swimming in the sea. But I prefer the Spring.

When Spring starts is a source of debate. Tradition has it that Spring starts on February 1st. The metrological offices say Spring starts on March 1st. For me Spring starts when there is still a little light after the work day. This is usually in late February. The arrival of budding snowdrops and daffodils confirm that feeling of things turning for the better at the end of the Winter and that life is being renewed. The cards and reminders in the shops for Mothers Day, St Patricks Day and Easter all herald that Spring has really sprung.

It’s the same in my own shop. This time of the year we put away the darker garments of Winter and new stock arrives in brighter shades, lighter fabrics and bright pretty patterns. This year despite being closed, is no different. This week we have new arrivals from Brakeburn, Lilly & Me, Powder and Quintessential.  Lovely, bright ,cheerful stock that is a joy to have in the shop.

Spring is here. The year is getting brighter. Its great to be alive.