School Uniforms 2023 - FAQ

Who has to wear the new St. Brendan's College top ?

Students going into first year in 2023 are required to wear the new top. All other students have the option to wear the existing wine jumper or the new top.

Are the new tops available in stock ?

In order to guarantee having the top for Back to School 2023, orders are required by July 1st 2023. After that date no guarantee can be offered that your top will be available in time for back to school, but will be delivered when ready.

What colour polo shirt is worn with the new St Brendan's top ?

White is the colour chosen to go with the new St Brendan's top.

Can I get school uniforms throughout the year ?

Yes you can, subject to stocks. Use the online order system or call in store.  

Can I pay off my uniforms in stages ?

Yes. To avail of this system you must order in store.

Can I order for my school uniforms online ?

Yes. Order online now.  You will be notified immediately when your uniforms become available and they will then be dispatched to you. (Some charges apply on smaller orders)

What sizes are available in school uniforms. ?

Click here for our detailed size guide to school uniforms.

Can uniforms be tried on for size in store ?

Yes they can. Bottoms can also be shortened if required at an additional cost of 6 euro per garment.

What if I order or buy a size and its not correct ? 

We will change it for a different size, subject to stocks being available.

Do you stock the Hoodies / Tops for the Transition Years ?

No we don't. Contact the school directly.